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About us is an eCommerce spin off of the podcast and blog, We created this site to allow us to contribute to the Black economic empowerment movement by donating 10% of our profits to help start a micro loan fund to assist Black businesses and also to donate to Black organizations such as the U. S. Black Chamber of Commerce, social movements like Black Lives Matter.


Just like our first T-shirt reads; "There Is No Revolution Without Economics". In order to make a difference, we must have an economic base to execute and move our revolution forward. During the Civil Rights movement in the 1960's and early 1970's, we financed the movement with monies from Black churches, Black businesses, and support from individuals in our community.This is just the beginning. We look to expand our product line and and be able to increase our giving to those organizations that are making an impact for the Black community in the areas of Black economic empowerment, Politics, and Social Reform.

We must have a three-pronged strategy to make real inroads and change the landscape as it is currently constituted. The three areas of concentration are as follows:

  1. Economic Empowerment - There can be no change without economic power to support the change.
  2. Politics - We need to actively participate in the political process including local, state, and federal elections; even your local school board to insure we put people in place that will have our best interest at heart.
  3. Social Reform - We need to start working on social reform and that starts with traditional media and social media. Traditional media has become more propaganda than news. We need to start to develop, control, and support our own media outlets to move the social barometer towards equality and fairness for all.

Please spread the word about the site and know that when you make a purchase, you are helping your community and making a difference.